Friday, February 20, 2015

Math Again Tomorrow?

The Independent Kid doing Math while dressed up as Doctor Who.

Hello Math! We start off our homeschool everyday with you because you require the utmost focus and attention. I love you, but unfortunately, my son with imaginational OE just doesn't like you much. Some days, he dresses up like Spider-Man or Batman or Superman or Doctor Who just so he can get through his "missions" easily enough. Some days, I make up crazy word problems about zombies and vampires and various gruesome tales just so he is motivated to solve you. Some days, we play lots of games. 

Today, Math is Teaching Textbooks on the computer. He is in his PJs (school uniform) and is full of distractions (jokes, singing, talking, and some sort of dramatic scene is playing out with the keyboard, pencil and textbook). It's only our first hour of school and I'm already rolling my eyes.  I am a Monster Mama shouting "Stop doing that! STOP! JUST FOCUS!" Gah! Why won't he focus?!? It seems like the first hour of our homeschool is always dedicated to fixing his "poorly formed study habits". Although in my defense, I do seriously attempt to bury my head in my knitting and frantically veer myself away from his computer screen into relaxation mode instead. I tell myself: it's just an hour and we can move on to the other subjects he has no trouble concentrating in. 

When his assignment is finally completed, I am tired. How can someone so loud, distracted, and unfocused get a 96%? He would be sent to the Principal's office if he were at a real school! Can I do this again tomorrow? 

Found this in his journal.

The Independent Kid looks at me and proclaims, "Mama, you do know that one day I might end up a Math teacher! Just like Andrew Pudewa ended up a Writing teacher!" (Apparently, Mr. Pudewa hated writing when he was younger.)

"You just might!" 

And yes, I think, I can do this all again tomorrow.*

*If you are wondering why I don't go elsewhere while he does Math, it's because he actually asks me questions when he doesn't understand something. Being in the same room quickens the process.

Math and Logic Tips for Kids with Imaginational OE (affiliate links)

Here are some of my son's recent faves:

- Teaching Textbooks: please make sure your student takes the placement exams. These run at least two years ahead of Singapore Maths. (We use SM 4, but TT 6, for example.) I find the problems simplistic, but he enjoys the animation.

- Life of Fred - I'm not a fan, but he loves the stories.

Chocolate Fix - a logic game

Rush Hour - another logic game

Building Thinking Skills - he actually enjoys doing the worksheets

- we have tried Singapore Maths, Right Start Maths, Miquon, Horizons. We still use Singapore Maths to supplement Teaching Textbooks. I suggest reading the Teacher's Guide. It will help with teaching the lessons more coherently. Admittedly, The Independent Kid doesn't like Singapore Maths. I do change the word problems to make them more interesting for him.

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