Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mama, Three Things About Me?

You can see his arms around me here while we homeschool (reading together). 

I love homeschooling my son. There is no other "work" I would rather do and I am grateful I am able to do it. Homeschooling is not all perfect though. Sometimes, my week is a collection of imperfect days when I feel like a total failure as a mother. These imperfect days make me feel like I'm trying too hard to be "teacher" and forget that I'm really his "mama".

So this year, I decided to mother more deliberately. I started 2015 with a wonderfully positive habit. At bedtime, I hug my son, we say our good nights, and I share THREE things he did during the day that I witnessed, loved, and admired about him. I make sure these are things that feed his spirit and soul. More often than not, I refer to events that required his effort, charity, and thoughtfulness.

My son LOVES every minute of this new ritual. He now starts bedtime with a "Mama, three things about me?!" More significantly, he has started to share THREE things he witnessed, loved, and admired about me too. Bedtime has become an even more sacred time we share together as mother and child to communicate affectionately and to love one another. 


  1. You and your family is a true inspiration! ;)

  2. I love this. We are going to start tonight! Thank you! <3

    1. Let us know how the 3 things worked out at your house!