Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Homeschooling a Young Boy with Imaginational Overexcitabilities: What Does It Look Like?

At 2 years old, this meant a lot of read alouds: 90 books at least a week!

He would "dress up" everyday. Here he is as Merlin (with glasses).

He would talk to statues and make a trip to a museum come alive.

He was always role playing and constantly making up stories. 

Here he is playing outside and creating his October Skeleton Man just in time for Halloween. 

At 3 and 4 years old, his stories grew more elaborate which included character puppets and props.

Most of his day consisted of acting in character. 

Here he is as Beethoven composing by candlelight. 

When he was 5, he wrote his very own fantasy novel.

He wore more elaborate costumes.

Here he is as the Mad Hatter and Edward Scissorhands.

He finally joined the Theatre landing his first role as an Oompa Loompa.
His love of acting never abated.

He also studied actors he loved watching: Johnny Depp and Christopher Reeve. 

A year later, he researched Bruce Lee, Roy Rogers, and Matt Smith.

When he turned 6, this meant using his interests in our homeschool.

Copywork was Star Wars copywork and, yes, doodling allowed.

He asked to "dress up" for school. 

Here is Superman at the keyboard and Zorro doing Math.

He also homeschooled with his various "classmates" and

we used curriculum that allowed creativity and imagination.

Moving Beyond the Page Literature Units have always been a hit at our house.

At 7 years old, his love for theatre only deepened. 

He played Michael Darling in Peter Pan in our community production.

In an Advanced Acting Workshop, his teacher chose him for Macbeth's Banquo and the Doctor. 

He LOVED the process, as seen here in his script.

His love for fantasy and humor also increased.

He wrote a book entitled Pull My Finger by Toot N. Kamen and

continued his elaborate role playing.

He is now 8 and his sense of invention, imagination, and fantasy has not decreased in the least.

For his recent homeschool independent project, he created his own alien creature. 

I can't wait to see what else he comes up with!

More of his YouTube videos here.

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