Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I Finally Learned How to Control My Time on Facebook


“You are on Facebook… AGAIN?!?” my husband and son would complain.

My responses were:

1.     “I need to check Facebook for work and homeschool info. OK? Stop bugging me.”


2.     Not wanting to be caught red handed, I’d quickly click out of Facebook and pretend to be on another app when I heard footsteps coming my way.

I knew Facebook was a growing problem when I’d regularly check my News Feed every couple of minutes while:

-         homeschooling my son,
-         eating dinner with my family,
-         watching a movie with my husband, and
-         trying to go to sleep at night.

It may seem like such a harmless act, but in reality, I was constantly distracted from the people and things I needed to focus most on in my life. I joked that Facebook was my only social life outside my family, therefore I needed it. In reality, Facebook was my time sucker. Instead of being in control of how I used it, I began to feel manipulated by how I needed to use it.

So, it was time to change things around.

1.     I stopped checking my News Feeds and all of my other Feeds.

2.     I started to rely on my Notifications instead. I made sure I got Notifications for important “stuff”: posts from close friends, family, pages and groups I enjoy or count on for information.

3.     Instead of browsing my News Feed, I now sift through my Notifications and click to open posts that may be of interest.

4.     I limited my posts on Facebook to one a day. I enjoyed my recent of posts. It was interesting to me that I became even more careful and deliberate about what I had to say.

5.     Instead of superficially LIKING every post on my News Feed, I started having conversations with people because I made more of an effort to COMMENT and REPLY to posts that meant something to me.

6.     I started to send more PRIVATE MESSAGES to friends and family, which connected me to them more personally. I started to join more Facebook GROUPS for more meaningful messages and posts.

7.     I now choose to interact on Facebook with people who have LIKED or COMMENTED on my personal or group posts/pages.

8.     Outside of Facebook, I found an amazing group of homeschool friends. We meet once a week and that fills a void I never thought was there.

9.     I discovered a new hobby: knitting. I have knitting projects lined up and I want to do them NOW. My hands have recently been too busy to sift through Facebook.

10. I also joined this month. I’m not writing a novel, but I am writing something everyday in hopes I have ideas worthy for my blog.

I am now able to control and manage how I interact on Facebook. Suddenly, it feels like I have a lot more time on my hands. I feel more productive. Even better, I’m truly able to be present in the moment. 


  1. I need to curb my addiction as well :) Congrats to you!!

  2. Kudos! I don't think anyone will ever be on their deathbed wishing that they spent more of their precious moments of life on Facebook. It is a time sucker.