Monday, September 01, 2014

For When I Forget Why We Love Homeschooling


I struggle because my son’s goal is to attend boarding school at some point. I want to make sure he has the credentials to be accepted, when and if he wants to go.  

I struggle because I have an A-type need-to-tick-things-off-my-list personality.

I struggle because for so many years, my son was leading our homeschooling. I still had Kindergarten materials for him when he was already a few grade levels ahead. Now that I’ve caught up and bought "quality" curriculum for his actual grade levels, he doesn’t seem interested in them.
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When I catch myself accusingly ask my son “Why can’t you do this?!?”

When I roll my eyes and shout, “Why are you SO slow?!?”

When I find myself frustrated and exasperated at my little drummer as I press his hands down on his desk to stop…

I need to STOP MYSELF. I need to scold myself “For goodness sakes, he’s only 7 years old!” and to remember to smell the roses. I want his homeschooling to be a success, but I also want him to love the process. I guess I’m not the Tiger Mama I thought I was afterall.

So, I've made a list for when I forget why we love homeschooling:
  1. I need to challenge my son just at his level, not above, nor below.
  2. Homeschooling means I can create an individualized education for him to suit his interests: he is not a boxed curriculum.
  3. My son loves learning, and I can and will support that pursuit.
  4. My relationship with my son is built on tender loving care, not needless criticism, stress or pressure.
  5. We have the freedom to enjoy quality time together EVERYDAY: cuddles, giggles, laughter, slow and unstructured time together.
  6. I have the power to create a positive homeschool environment for my son. That power needs to be used wisely before 7 years passes and it will be too late.
I'll be putting aside History of Us for now and we will be Traveling Through History with Doctor Who. Guess who's going to love doing school!

P.S. After Lesson One, I found my son's entry in his grateful journal:


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