Sunday, June 22, 2014

What Worked for My Asynchronous First Grader: Secular Charlotte Mason

This year, the Charlotte Mason homeschool style allowed Type A me to keep my to-do lists and schedules. We love that Charlotte Mason emphasized good habits, living books, narration, short lessons, and time outdoors. This is what worked for us:


Handwriting Without Tears helped my son learn the basics, but what did he really enjoy? Star Wars Copywork


My son's German notebook. He doesn't know how funny this is.
While we have a Mandarin class once a week, my son wanted to learn German too. He loves the Muzzy BBC Series, which we have used for Mandarin and Spanish as well. 


We LOVE Michael Clay Thompson's Grammar Island series. We already started the Grammar Town literature program!


My son's Native American belt.

Native American lessons while at play too.

We start each day with CNN Student News. It is a must every weekday morning at breakfast. We miss Carl Azuz over the Summer!

We also use Joy Hakim's History of Us, Horrible Histories, and Moving Beyond the Page units in conjunction with each other.


My son LOVES Moving Beyond the Page units. We choose to do the units out of order so that they are in conjunction with History lessons.


We still haven't found our favorites. So far, Singapore Maths has outlasted all the others we have tried!


We make sure we go outside everyday.

We like to find things in Nature.


My son absolutely loves The Burgess Animal Book for Children by Thornton W. Burgess, as recommended by Ambleside. We will continue with the Ambleside Science recommendations and with Real Science 4 Kids


My little guy is a speller and loves the sequence of All About Spelling. We don't use the manipulatives, and it works for us. One lesson/week.

While Project Based Homeschooling enlivens my son's work, the Charlotte Mason style grounds him. A balance between the two styles works for both of us. 

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