Thursday, May 02, 2013

You know your homeschool is a success when...

1. people in your gifted homeschool circle who believe highly in "unschooling" think you are "superschooling" 

2. people think what you post about your homeschool is "put on"

3. there is nothing "put on" about my homeschool because my blog is full of photos or videos to show you what we do 

4. you find notes like this in your son's homeschool books:

3. Math is a daily must in your homeschool, your son says "I hate Math" for the longest time and then one day you find this written in your son's Math workbook. 

"I love Mama School and Daddy's Rowing (Daddy's the P.E. teacher here) and Math!"

4. you realize that what works for your family... works for your family. That is the most important thing!

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