Friday, May 31, 2013

An Introduction to Project Based Homeschooling

When I finished Lori Pickert's Project Based Homeschooling, I was determined to add Project Based Work into our homeschooling.  I knew my Kindergartner could spend hours on  projects he created for himself and that they sparked passion and inspiration deep inside him.

A Crystal Garden last Winter
A Monster Guide last Fall
BUT I wanted to see my son's passion and inspiration, not just once in a while, but EVERYDAY.

At first, I incorporated my son's yearning to PLAY into our school-type work. Then, everyday I asked him what he wanted to work on by himself during the evening while I was cooking (about 30 to 60 minutes on his own). 

In the first week, I asked him lots of questions to help focus his interest:

He made a handful of Toontastic videos these first few days.

Then, in the second week, he preferred to watch videos and read about topics instead of creating something more tangible for himself:

[I want to know] if animals had the same evolution as us?
Then one day, I found these on my iPad:

And this in his notebook:
Who invented candy?! An ancient artist in Spain drew a picture of a man scooping honey from a beehive!
He was learning how to take more initiative and ownership of his various projects.

Since then, his other projects included:

A bunch of "Loch Ness" monster photos (Mama taught him how to Photoshop)
A lot of Origami Yodas, Darth Papers (from the books Origami Yoda and Darth Paper) and various characters he came up with himself: Storm Troopers, Clone Troopers, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Lea.
A couple of homemade characters from Tim Burton's Film '9', here is '7'.
And, his own original music. At first he asked me to help him come up with songs: Buddy and Celina Grace. After a few days, they were all his: I Love Singing, Sweet Song, The Eagle Flies Over the Lake (instrumental), and even a horror piece A Little Nightmare Music. And his love for music continues.

Our one-month trial is over and we are definitely going to continue. What's not to like about Project Based Homeschooling?!? 


  1. this is so wonderful — thank you for sharing! i hope you join the pbh forum; i’m going to share this post there right now! :)

  2. I love it. So nice to see some fun pics and descriptions of what others do on their educational journey.

  3. I just finished the book too and am looking into ways to incorporate it into our school so thank you!

  4. Over the years, I've found that project based learning is the number one way to connect children to their own sense of intrinsic motivation. This self-connection serves the children I work with throughout their entire lives. Thank you for sharing!

    Jade Rivera,