Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Literature and Writing with Moving Beyond The Page

Our 6 year old loves the Moving Beyond The Page Literature curriculum. It is fun, creative and perfect for out-of-the-box thinkers. We recently started the 7-9 year old package with Betsy Bryar's Tornado.

Besides reading comprehension questions after each chapter, he has to write a a summary too. Even if my son reads at higher grade levels, he is learning how to WRITE better. Activities differ per lesson. Two of my son's favorite writing activities were:

Writing to someone about your dog (first draft)

Writing a myth about how turtles got their shells (first draft)

Just for my own homeschool teaching purposes, I have been using www.writingtester.com to guesstimate the grade level of my son's writing. For the first activity (above), my son's paragraph was rated a grade 3 level with a readable score of 74/100. For the second, he got a grade 6 with a lower readable score of 57/100. It helps make sure I am able to teach him how to edit his own writing to make his points clearer.


My son loved his literature work everyday.  After we finished this Tornado unit, I found this in his copy of the book:

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