Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jamming at Home


This year, we are trying to study music alongside our history and art lessons. I am finding it easy to simply youtube examples. Recently, we have been enjoying Viking music.

This one comes with different pictures to go with the Viking theme, which is nice:

We have also introduced Wagner and The Ride of the Valkyries. I wouldn't have thought a Kindergartner would enjoy it but my son will come running to me if he hears me playing this on the computer!


I teach my son piano lessons at home and he gets to jam a lot on our keyboard, which he finds enjoyable. He can choose the 'voice' of each piece when practicing which makes his lessons a lot of fun for him.

Bridal Chorus (Trumpet)

Ode to Joy (with Drum Beats)

He takes drum and violin lessons with teachers. I don't have a video of him on the Violin, but here's an old one of him from last year jamming at home on the drums.

He also took part in the filming of his first music video with a Kindie Band. It was a really fun experience for him.

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