Saturday, September 01, 2012

Our Kindergartner's First Nature Guide

We have been using Moving Beyond the Page as a supplement for a year now and we really do enjoy it.  My son especially enjoys the Final Projects.  Although the workbook is paper-based, we have decided to re-create them on the computer.  Our son thinks it is a lot of fun - especially when he gets to tell me what to type and hear his own voice on the recording!  This is our son's very first Power Point presentation, which we spent about 2 hours working on today and yesterday.  We're both still learning... he is learning what Power Point is and I'm trying to teach him how to use it.  It would be nice to have some cool visual effects later on.  But for now, I'm glad he enjoyed creating his First Nature Guide on the computer!

Today ends our first week of official homeschooling.  It is nice to end it with my son working with pride.