Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why Attachment Parenting is increasingly important today.

Psychology Today's article entitled "The Decline of Children and the Moral Sense: Problems that used to be rare are becoming mainstream" describes why Attachment Parenting is important: positive outcomes for babies who  

• "nursed frequently;

• held, touched, or kept near others almost constantly;

• frequently cared for by individuals [adults] other than their mothers (fathers and grandmothers, in particular) though seldom by older siblings;

• experience prompt responses to their fusses and cries;

• and enjoy multiage [free] play groups in early childhood.

• along with natural childbirth

• and 2-5 years of breastfeeding...

...others are documenting the effects of these practices on child outcomes and finding relations to intelligence, cooperation, conscience, empathy, self-control, aggression and depression."

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