Friday, August 13, 2010

Star Wars Exhibit


I planned on non-violence in our home... but I guess I wasn't savvy to boys and how they play.  Well, Star Wars is a BIG thing in our house.   We wake up to "Let's Play Star Wars!!!"  We play and study Star Wars ALL DAY and include math and language games in our play. Our green smoothies become Gungin or Yoda juice.  Our son has even incorporated Star Wars characters into his bedtime.  So - yes, it's unbelieveably Star Wars 24-7!

We've just recently watched all the movies too, except Episode III (which seemed a little more violent than the others). So it seemed appropriate to visit The US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama for the traveling Star Wars exhibit.  It is the first time the exhibit has been in the South East USA and it will end in about 3 weeks.  There are more than 80 costumes, models and props from all six Star Wars films.  It is a small exhibit and I wish they had more educational material available at the shop.  Needless to say, our son was thrilled to be there.  I guess that was the reason for us going in the first place!

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