Saturday, July 31, 2010

Action Alert: Education and the SC Race for Governor

Education and the SC Race for Governor from Natural Awakenings

“Before we vote for a governor, we need to know what each is committing to in order to change our education system,” says Lexington mom and homeschool teacher Carissa Leventis- Cox. That led Carissa to get the support of Gifted Homeschoolers Forum and other education-focused associations in South Carolina to create the opportunity for a debate on education choices in our state between the two gubernatorial candidates. “They both think the existing system needs changes,” adds Leventis-Cox. “Candidate Nikki Haley said the existing system is ‘hurting our kids’ and candidate Vincent Sheheen says continuing what we’ve been doing would be ‘insane.’ Why not take time to find out exactly how they are going to do this?”

Leventis-Cox, founder of the local chapter of Mothers Acting Up, has lived on three continents, and worked in New York City and Miami, but chose to raise a family in Lexington. “My husband and I wanted our children to grow up in a stimulating environment near to family.” Now that she has her first child, the importance of a first-rate education system hit home. “I’ve been educated in Asia, the UK and the US. My husband has three master’s degrees. We think education is very important, and the globalization of the workforce is only increasing its significance.”

Candidates have been invited to a debate on Oct. 7 in Columbia. To ensure a meaningful and well-attended debate, visit and register your support.

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