Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Recycling isn't so Easy!

Our Recycled Robots

We went on a field trip to our recycling plant Sonoco Recycling and it was enlightening!

What our son took home: "I want to make a Tin Man!"  (There was one at the Recycling Education Room.)

What I took home: "I've been doing almost EVERYTHING WRONG!"

Did you know where we live....
  • #s on the bottom don't mean a thing?  They recycle plastics as long as they have screw tops and resemble water bottles or milk jugs.  No to salad containers.  No to yoghurt containers.  No to any other shapes.
  • we cannot put office or school paper in our recycling bin?  only newspapers and cardboard boxes without wax.  (Note office paper can be recycled at area drop-off centers.)
  • we cannot put any type of glass in our recycling bin?  (Note glass bottles, jugs and jars can be recycled at area drop-off sites.)
  • they don't recycle any plastic bags?
  • we shouldn't separate stuff by material in plastic bags because they just get thrown away and go back into the landfill?
  • what can and cannot be recycled changes all the time -- we need to be kept up to date -- or else we are all just wasting time and money!? A good place to stay up-to-date is on www.keepthemidlandsbeautiful.org Click on "Recycling" and your area of town.
 Hmmm... I need to be more vigilant in what I buy so we can recycle, reuse and reduce more effectively!

Earth 911 - find recycling centers and learn how to recycle

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