Sunday, March 14, 2010

Building A Safe Home

This past week, we found out our son is allergic to beans, chicken and red meat. Although our son's rash is down to a little patch on his leg and he can eat almost everything, we still visit our NAET practitioner weekly to hopefully help rid his allergies one at a time. Our situation is not at all terrible, but I cannot admit it has been easy. Candy on Halloween, cupcakes and ice cream at birthday parties, packaged food friends and family offer him - all of these make me cringe because I know the contents of the junk and the after effects of these: sleepless nights, more rashes, decreased immunity and at worst, 4 weeks of coughing after a bag of Valentine's candy. I cringe at the contents of anesthesia and vaccinations because they may contain chemicals he could be allergic to. At one operation, the anesthesiologist gave our son too little anesthesia and he woke up from an operation too early - even the doctor was afraid of the potential harm of chemical allergies. At home, we eat all organic food, meals are from scratch, I try to buy 100% cotton clothes, we clean with vinegar and baking soda, soaps have no fragrances, we use organic fertilizers on our garden, etc... Sometimes I ask myself if we're too much - shielding our family from as many toxins as we can. But, after watching this video A Wake-Up Story, by Healthy Child Healthy World I know we are doing the right thing. We are building a home that is loving and safe.

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