Friday, December 18, 2009

Buddhism For Young Kids

I have been looking for ways to try to teach our son more about Buddhism.  And I have found a great FREE on-line website to start us off on Buddhanet.  They have Buddhist studies for both primary and secondary students.  Not only do they offer free syllabi, but also many free Buddhsim e-books that are excellent.  Among the e-books, our 3 year old son really likes the Key Stage 1: A Textbook on Buddhism for children aged between 5-7.  A companion to Key Stage 1 could be the Story of Buddha Colouring Book, but definitely the other free art and crafts downloads too.  Each unit offers free activities (meditations, music, stories, puzzlies) and a quiz for testing comprehension. 

Other resources:
Buddhist Children's Books - to introduce young children to concepts of Buddhism
Family Dharma Connections - reviews books, has different Buddhism links
Global Villages School - offers homeschoolers education with Buddhist perspective from k to 12
More Free E-books from Buddhanet - some favourites are Love Your Children The Right Way, The Upside Down World, Seeding the Heart and Guided Meditations for Primary Students

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  1. Thank you for the suggestions!!