Saturday, November 14, 2009

Organic Clothing

Nobody ever told me that I needed to stop wearing the clothes I love wearing when one has a son!  Some of my favourite clothes have holes in them due to "I love you Mama" roughhousing, stains due to "Mama let's sit right here in the mud" fun or "oops I didn't mean it" non-washable "washable" paint.  Best memory is of my new pair of black jeans I wore to the zoo - we were surprised by a visit to the 'bedroom' of the elephants where you have to sanitize your shoes going in and going out in a chlorox solution.  Long story short, my son's boots scraped my jeans several times - and now I have bleach spotted jeans.  I don't mean to complain, all these things are reminders of the fun my son and I have together.

That said, I have been wanting to 'green' my wardrobe - not only for me but for my son.  I read recently in a Get Fresh Magazine that if you step on a piece of crushed garlic with your bare foot, you would be able to taste the garlic in your mouth.   The same week, I watched my friend's son's back break out in hives after wearing a new polyester filled shirt.  Yes - what we touch affects us too - whether it shows or not.  So, for my birthday this year I asked for affordable, nice looking, but I-can-wear-this-sort-of-thing-with-my-son-around organic cotton clothing.  Why?  Because organic cotton is natural and has no toxins, harsh chemical bleaches or dyes and is allergy free. Not knowing anything about 'green' clothes, I quickly searched Zappos and found some durable to son's wear and tear, soft, washable, stretchable, yes - nice looking  organic and affordable clothes.

Needless to say, I'm hooked.  I'll be looking for more sustainable clothing for me and my family!

Websites to check out:
Green Loop
Stella McCartney's Green Collection


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  1. Good post. Is good that eco-fashion is so popular nowadays, things like ecological clothes and handmade accesories not only help on the preservation, but also have great and original designs, and some of the are quite luxury.