Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Be Out There

 Our Nature Lover @ Work

Our son thrives on being outdoors.  My 'work' is 'less' when we are outdoors in that our son does not need toys or my constant attention or 'something to do'.  When we are outdoors, he is free to play and explore and be one with nature.  He really is at peace when he sees anything green.  When he was 1, after being in a big city for a week and not having been outdoors very much, he honed in on one patch of green around a struggling tree on a side walk.  He just sat there touching and looking at the grass and tree trunk - and suddenly a cranky baby became a very calm one.  My husband asked me today, "What would we do if we lived in the city?" I guess if we lived in a big city, we would just hang out in parks a lot!

Why and How Outdoors?

Be Out There™ - the National Wildlife Federation's initiative to inspire families across America to open the door and get outside!

According to the National Wildlife Federation:

  • Daily unstructured free play improves children’s physical and mental health
  • Children who play outside are more physically active, more creative, less aggressive and show better concentration
  • Outdoor experiences and education enhances children’s ability to learn and retain knowledge
  • Outdoor experiences build a conservation ethic and concern for the natural world.

Charlotte Mason Method of Education - emphasises nature walks and nature studies

Last Child In The Woods - thoughts on the book

Waldkindergartens - fascinating concept of kids attending kindergartens outdoors through the year rain or shine, hot or cold!  And the kids reportedly have better immune systems.

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