Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What They Say

Our Homeschool Preschool Coop on Field Day

There is an article in the Jan/February 2008 magazine called "What They Say". The author interviewed homeschooled kids and a few of their comments are very telling of the homeschool experience. Here are some of their comments we would like to keep in mind as we homeschool our son:

- I now in retrospect wish I had had a bit more interaction with the school kids my age as I find myself feeling unsure and somewhat untrusting of 'school' kids. It is the only social strata I really feel uncomfortable around.

- Jason, who is in medical school, wishes he had been given more structured courses that ended with tests, required to write more papers and asked to make more public presentations. He said he would have hated it at the time, but he would have been better prepared for college. Tess wrote that she was afraid of academic settings and would have liked more test-taking opportunities to decrease that fear.

- Because homeschoolers often don't have markers such as test scores or moving from grade to grade, some students feel they have no standards to evaluate themselves... one of the reasons they want to go to school is to see if they measure up.

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