Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Charlotte Mason Method

Daddy: I have to put down some iron with the spreader.
Son: YEAH! I want to help! That's my most favourite thing to do!!! Ummm... Daddy, what's a spreader?

Because our family time is so important to us, because unschooling (we know our son is intrinsically motivated to learn), classical education (we would like to take the opportunity to introduce him to subjects and make sure he is comfortable with them sooner rather than later), Montessori (the educational toys!) and Waldkindergarten (being outdoors is so important for our well-being) all intrigue us, we have found all these aspects are important parts of the Charlotte Mason method of education. Although we are not religious, we love the method of using living books (not textbooks or 'dumbed down' literature) to learn, narration (can be creative painting/ drawing/ sculpting/ play-acting/ etc) as the process of evaluating what was learned or read, short lessons only 10-15 minutes per subject in the early years (increases as child matures), nature walks once a week, daily walks for fun and fresh air, child's own nature notebook, personal journal, and Book of the Centuries (child's own time line of history), art and music appreciation (i.e. study 1 painting/week, 6 paintings/artist), and an importance of free time.

Some websites that have been really helpful in our research and development:

Ambleside Online - A free homeschool curriculum designed to be as close as possible to the curriculum that Charlotte Mason used in her own private and correspondence schools. THE BEST Charlotte Mason site I have found with lots of lists, links and information for FREE.

Are Charlotte Mason methods incompatible with classical education?

Charlotte Mason in a Nutshell

Color Me Masterpiece - we found this on Ambleside Online. We love it FREE art masterpieces in colouring pages. A great way to introduce art history and appreciation!

Heartland - lots of articles on Charlotte Mason

Is Charlotte Mason Unschooling?

Living Books Curriculum - a complete packages homeschool curriculum. You can view their reading lists per grade for free.

Preschool Curriculum

Secular Charlotte Mason - yes, SECULAR CM with so many links too

Simply Charlotte Mason - This site is dedicated to helping you homeschool your children using the Charlotte Mason method and wonderful philosophy of education.

Summaries of Charlotte Mason's Methods

The 20 Principles of the Charlotte Mason Method

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