Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Getting Away With Food!

After a tiring morning, our 2 1/2 year old demanded coffee (his nickname for blueberry tea) and fish (allergy treatments allowed a few food items and fish was one he could eat for the next 25 hours) right now! I want coffee and fish right now! Right Now! Right Now!!!!!!

I looked at him sternly, losing patience, and raised my voice saying quickly: Look! I am only one person, I cannot do 2 things at the same time! Tell me what you want first!

Very calmly, my little boy looked me straight in the eye - with a twinkle in his - and said slowly, happily and matter-of-factly: Mama, first I want the coffee. And THEN (smiling), I want the fish for lunch!

I didn't know what else to do but hug him, love him and laugh!

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