Sunday, April 12, 2009


Goodbye allergies! Hello happy times at the dinner table!

For most of his 2 years of life, our son's legs had been scratchy, dry and bloody. But for a while now, it has been beautifully smooth. We lovingly touch his ankles every now and then... and enjoy the success we have had in helping his body feel well. How did we do it? Firstly, avoid all the foods he is allergic to (we had a skin scratch test - our son didn't mind this - and a blood test). Secondly, we discovered NAET, a non-invasive treatment for allergies, and we are sticking to it!

What is NAET?
Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique. Discovered by Dr. Devi Nambudripad in 1983, it uses both Eastern and Western medicine to overcome allergies (to food, pollen, fabric, latex, chemicals, people (yes - these do exist), vitamins, etc...).

How does NAET work?
At a session, you will hold with one hand a vial with a specific allergen in it. You hold up your other arm and the Doctor puts pressure on it. If you are not allergic to the substance in the vial, you will be able to hold up your arm. If you are allergic, your arm - no matter how hard you try! - will be weak and be pushed down. Basically, the testing technique uses Muscle Response Testing (MRT) which shows whether or not there is a kinetic imbalance in the body caused by the allergen. For the treatment, while holding the allergen, the doctor will stimulate pressure points along your spine and then 'close your points' by massaging 9 acupressure points. For the next 15 minutes, you will have to keep holding the vial. After the treatment, the allergen must be avoided (even by touch) for at least 25 hours. If you accidentally come into contact with the allergen, you may try closing your points to see if the treatment holds up. There is a specific order to allergen treatment and the first 9 of the 10 are: egg, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, sugar, iron, vitamin A, mineral and salt. The 1st base allergen can be treated with egg.

How does NAET work with young children?
Parents can act as surrogates. The child can hold the vial with the allergen in it (or it can be placed in a sock), the parent can merely touch the child's skin, and the same procedure will be done as above: the parent's arm will hold up if the child is not allergic to the allergen or the parent's arm will be pushed down if the child is allergic. The stimulation of points on the back may be done on the parent's back if the child is uncomfortable but the closing of points will be done on the child. Our son LOVES the treatments!!!

It will take anywhere from 1 week to 1 year for the treatment to work. By the end of 1 year, blood tests will show that the patient is not allergic to the allergen.

Our Results:
We decided to re-introduce foods 'scientifically' based on Dr. Joneja's work.
EGGS: We first re-introduced egg yolks. A week after the treatment, 4 egg yolks on Test Day 3 (we started with only 1/2 teaspoon on Test Day 1) resulted in a little eczema, but disappeared overnight. 2 weeks after the treatment, the same amount of egg yolks resulted in NO ECZEMA! After re-introducing egg whites a few days after, there was NO ECZEMA!
CORN: We introduced corn on the cob - NO ECZEMA. We introduced popcorn... a whole bowl full... NO ECZEMA. We will follow it with tests for cornmeal, corn flour, corn oil and corn syrup.

More Results:
Forget scientifically introducing foods, we just wait 2 weeks now after a treatment and we have introduced banana, green peas, milk and other dairy products, and soy products in varying measurements and with NO ECZEMA! Our doctor cautions us however that it takes the body 1 year to be totally clear of allergy symptoms. We find this is true. While our son does not suffer from eczema anymore, his body does produce phlegm if he consumes a lot of foods he has been treated for. But this too is becoming less and less. The only treatment that has not worked for us so far is cashews, but our 12 - 18 month gap has not ended yet.

Video to watch on a Dr. that practices NAET.


  1. That sounds GREAT! If I am understanding correctly, you learn the technique from the book you do not go to some kind of allergist or other PHD. Am I correct or am I misunderstanding (that is very possible)!

  2. We go to a NAET practitioner, but after reading the book, I gather that you can also practice it on your own.

  3. Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for your family. Good luck on the rest of the allergies.