Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fairies in Art Class

There was an art class at our local museum entitled "Fairies". We realised in the first 5 seconds of getting our name tags that our son would be the only boy in the class. On the tables, there were only pink and purple fairy bags for all the participants and we were asked if our son wanted a blue one instead. Too late, our son had already opened a pink one and he already was lost in his own world creating a fairy house for his invisible friend, Mr. I. It was the first art class he truly enjoyed. Usually, we are the first people to depart - but this time, we were the last. And even then, he continued to be lost in his creation at home. The photo above shows our son playing with the leaf boat of Mr. I.

What we learned from that day? For one, the importance of invisible friends in play and in learning. Secondly, adults whether consciously or not teach kids to judge what is 'wrong' or 'right' for them: pink and fairies are only for girls, for instance. It was refreshing to see that our son had not learned to categorise himself and was still free to think outside the conventional box.

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