Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our Broadway Boy

Our son LOVES music. He loves singing, dancing, listening, playing instruments and making instruments. When he's playing, eating, showering or riding in the car, he always makes special requests for music. And when he's fussing - even at 2 years old, music has remained a powerful tool in our house to help calm him.

We also call our son our Broadway boy because when you ask him a question, he responds in song "No, no, no, lalala..." or "Yes, I did... lalala". He also spends most of his day listening to music or singing and playing instruments. He also recently has started ‘composing’ his own songs as he strums his guitar. He enjoys giving us mini-recitals: telling us where to sit and not to make noise.

Here are his latest lyrics:

Hey Frog!
I don't know where the frog is! I don't know where the frog is!
I wish it were summertime!
Hey Frog!

Don't shout inside because I don't want to go outside!!! (repeat many times)

I want a dog, that doesn't fly away...
I don't have a frog. I don't have a beaver.
I want a dog, that doesn't fly away...

And if you couldn't decipher the video above (FYI he's allergic to corn and eggs, among other things):

I'm fallin' down. I'm dizzy. I'm dizzy.
For the rest of the day, it's not corn anymore. And that's a fact!
And the egg!

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