Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our 2 Year Old Comic: Part II

Our son had finished his dinner and had left us to play across the room with his cars. While we finished our dinner, mama looked at the pygmy frog Salty in his mini aquarium and asked daddy quietly: I wonder if Salty is lonely? (It's companion passed away a week or so ago.)

We thought our son was in his own world, but in a loud voice asked almost mimicking my tone (at this point we thought he was going to repeat mama's question, but instead asked so innocently...): I wonder... if Salty... poops in the water?

Daddy responds: Yes he does.

Our son, very excitedly as he gets up: He does?!?! Is he pooping now? Let me see!!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

During naptime, daddy lovingly placed his cheek on our son's arm. Our son's head immediately shot up as he said: Daddy! Take your beard off my arm! It feels like the carpet!

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