Friday, January 09, 2009

Prolonging the Holidays

Synesthesia is a condition
in which one type of stimulation
evokes the sensation of another,
as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color.
- American English Dictionary -

It is amazing how powerful smells can evoke emotions, colours, sounds and memories.

Before Christmas, our friend Christina gave us our Christmas 'pot pourri' - an apple decorated with cloves and cinnamon. We simmered it in a pot for a few hours with some leftover orange peel and our house smelled delightful as we opened presents on Christmas day. The smells seemed to deepen the experience of being happy and together.

Yesterday, we brought our Christmas tree to where it would be recycled into mulch. We brought some mulch home - but instead of using it outdoors, we brought it indoors. In our minds, as we smell the wonderful pine... we are still on holiday!!!

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