Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Son's New Futon

Since he was 10 months old, our son preferred to sleep on the floor. Although we had bought a beautiful crib, we put it away and settled on a wonderfully thick duvet we had as a replacement for his new bed. He seemed to really love his bed on the floor but we have to admit that it would lump up in different places and formed big hard crevices here and there. My mother was appalled (I think) and just recently for our son's 2nd birthday bought him a 3-inch futon bed and comforter. When we unpacked it, our son was very excited and danced all over it. During the day, he loves to pretend to sleep in it or hide under his new blanket. Not only that, since replacing his duvet bed with the futon, my son has slept solidly through the night. After 2 years of not being able to sleep more than 2 to 4 hour blocks, we are elated. Whether it is the futon or the weaning - or both, we don't know, but we are now all sleeping!!!

And sleeping makes a world of difference.

Thank you A. for the futon!!!

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