Sunday, October 19, 2008

Practical Living

We yearn to be proactive unschoolers by making activities available just in case our son is interested in them. That means I read a lot on how to keep a toddler busy both at home and outside our home.

One book that our friend Sherri recommended has proved to be a hit - not only with our son, but also with us! The New Child Montessori Curriculum books are very well thought out, planned and chock full of ideas. We don't follow the daily schedule, but her activities, book lists and themes are wonderful for toddlers to 12 year old children! I don't have to 'think so hard' about things to do with our son and I am so pleased I can use the books for years to come. For one, I never thought that practical, everyday chores could be so fascinating for little ones - but we have found that they are a hit! Our 20 month old says "I'm working" when he is sweeping or spooning beans or playing with water.

DIY Flashcards
DIY Montessori Materials
Video of Edison's Day - 2 Montessori trained teachers teach their son... WOW I cannot believe Edison is not even 2 yet and he does so many things by himself!

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