Sunday, July 13, 2008

Eat Carolina Challenge: Day 7: Did We Make It?


We learned that in a week we, being a couple with a toddler, consumed more than 2 cups of honey (we didn't use any other sugar and LOVED the taste of the Little Mountain Apiary Honey: not too sweet and not too thick), about 3/4 cup of salt (for cooking and other uses), 1 gallon of raw milk, 14 peaches, 3 pints blueberries, 5 onions, 2 pints cherry tomatoes, 5 beefsteak tomatoes, 8 sweet potatoes, 8 pattypan squash, 1 pound okra, 8 ounces of pecans, 3 loaves of bread, 3 packages of rice, 2 Ashley Farms whole chickens, 4 Ashley Farms chicken sausages, 4 Caw Caw Creek Italian sausages, 1 pound Caw Caw Creek ground pork sausage and 1 pound Eubank Farm ground beef. Had we been prepared, we could have eaten a lot more!

We definitely will order a lot from Anson Mills as soon as our supply of wheat, rice and oatmeal dwindles. We really missed our homemade breads, oatmeal and pancakes this week and are so happy to learn about an organic local mill!

We made it! Or did we? Lunch was at a Carolina BBQ restaurant... not a CFSA member but definitely LOCAL. We are all under the weather and couldn't muster anything in the kitchen.

We sure learned a lot this week and are so happy we joined the challenge!

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