Friday, July 11, 2008

Eat Carolina Challenge: Day 5: Going Beyond Local Foods.


We've been enjoying peaches for breakfast almost everyday. They are delicious, but in the back of my mind I wonder if we should even be eating them. Peaches are one of the top fruits that have the highest levels of pesticide contamination when not grown organically.

Caw Caw Creek Italian Sausages are excellent and only contain 5 ingredients: pork, salt, sugar, pepper and fennel. I guess when you begin something with high quality ingredients, you don't need much else!

This week has gotten us thinking about looking at other local goods. At 14 Carrots, they had goat's milk lotion made by Backcountry Skin Care Products in Blythewood, SC. I tried some on my dry hands and they felt so good 2 hours later! I think we are going to seek out other businesses that are local from now on. There is so much the Carolinas have to offer that we never knew existed.


Slow Cooker Cream of Rice.


Nova's Bakery Wheat Bread and Egg Salad from the Deli at 14 Carrots. Egg Salad was the only prepared food there made from local foods. I was quite surprised at the spare offerings. I wish they were more involved with the Eat Carolina Challenge!


Carolina Plantation Rice, South Carolina Okra ($4/lbs @ roadside) and Caw Caw Creek Italian Sausage.

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