Thursday, July 10, 2008

Eat Carolina Challenge: Day 4: Getting Better At Being A Locavore


Just now getting the hang of using local!!! What to buy, where to buy, when to buy, but more importantly how to use the stuff I used to throw away... (take a look at lunch and dinner below)

South Carolina Peaches are a delight when just ripe - just have to learn I have to stop by our local farmers more than once a week so we don't get stuck with overripe fruit. More toast with butter, honey and peach butter. I'm sure this will be the last of that! We need a lot of variety here and even my son declined his airplane toast 'cookie' this morning.

Fried rice from last night's dinner. It was pretty darn good - I saved all the juices from the roasted chicken, refrigerated it overnight, dumped the congealed fat at the top in the rubbish and used all the broth in the fried rice with the leftover chicken and pattypan squash. It was like a whole different meal!

South Carolina Sweet Potato Skin 'Fries' with a Happy Cow Creamery Cheddar Cheese oozing out of Eubank Farm Beef Burger on Nova's Bakery Bread. I saved all the peeled sweet potato skins from Monday's dinner and roasted it with clarified butter (I had made from Happy Cow Butter) and Celtic Sea Salt. It was terrific! I would have thrown them out but decided to use them and it turns out it may just be one of our favourite sides from now on!

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