Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Wheels On The Bus

Our son's school bus on top of his homemade stove

My son LOVES wheels and buses and fingerplays. So what better way to enjoy all of these but to dedicate the past few days to The Wheels On The Bus. We found Paul Zelinsky's amazing pop-up book with its accompanying CD in our library. My son LOVES it, laughs with it, listens intently to the CD and plays with the book as soon as he wakes up. I also found that the Complete Resource Book for Toddler and Twos has a chapter dedicated to The Wheels On The Bus. Having all of the stuff needed for most of the activities around the house, my son is having a blast

- squirting water on his chalk board and wiping it off with a rag, like wipers
- wearing a hat like the driver of the bus and saying 'move on back'
- carrying a stuffed animal and letting it cry 'wah wah wah' and 'shhhing' it
- colouring pictures of buses, drivers, etc.
- making our own book about The Wheels On The Bus
- watching buses zoom by, stop at traffic, parked in the lot while we're in the car
- singing the song... all through the day!

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