Sunday, March 16, 2008

Other Questions on Vaccinations for your Pediatrician

Vaccination Questions to Ask your Doctor
Provided by the Vaccine Awareness Network

What is your philosophy on Vaccinations?

Are you supportive of a parent's choice not to vaccinate?

Will you support an alternate schedule and/or separating the shots?

Have you had patients that experienced vaccine reactions?

What were the common reactions?

What serious reactions have you seen?

Have you or any Dr. in this practice ever filed a vaccine adverse event report to VAERS?

Have you personally done independent research on the safety and efficacy of vaccines?

If we choose not to vaccinate, will you refuse to see our child as a patient?

Would the practice provide a medical exemption for those vaccines we do not wish to have administered if my child tests immune without vaccination?

Why are "boosters" required, when this increases risk of adverse reactions such as allergic response to the toxins in the serum?

Antibodies are passed in mother's milk, so if I have been vaccinated won't my child be protected?

May we have the packaging information for all the recommended vaccines?

Could we have a written list of the brand, strain and dosages of any and all vaccinations administered?

Would you confirm in writing that a vaccine given to my child is both entirely safe and absolutely essential… that you have personally investigated the risk-benefit ratio of the vaccine and that, having looked at all the evidence, they believe that the vaccine is safe and essential for my child in particular?

If we choose to vaccinate can you please answer the questions for each vaccine strain given:

a. What is the vaccine intended to protect

b. What are the ingredients

c. How many children get the disease each year and how much result in death or permanent damage?

d. Just because you are given the antibody does that guarantee you are protected?

e. How many children have adverse reactions to the vaccine?

f. Which patients should not be given the vaccine?

The package inserts state that vaccines haven't been tested for their ability to impair fertility...that concerns me especially for MMR and Varivax since both these vaccines contain protein and DNA from human fetal cells used in manufacturing.

Could an immune response develop to fetal specific proteins so that the maternal immune system could do harm to a fetus developing in utero?

With the claim that vaccines are safe and effective, how would you explain children that get the disease even if they were vaccinated? And secondly, how would also you explain all of the children that have suffered vaccine injuries?

Bonus Question: What % of revenue comes from vaccinations in this practice?

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