Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Forget the Crib, Hello Floor!

So much for the crib we bought for our baby! Yes, goodbye to that beautiful crib we spent hours dreaming about, looking for and not to mention hours figuring out just how to set it up! That crib is now unused, undressed and looking quite out of place in our hallway.

What do we have instead of a crib? An extra duvet cover tucked in to make a toddler's bed! Yes, there is almost nothing our son LOVES more than his bed on the floor. He hardly ever spent time in his own room when the crib was in there. But now that the crib is out, he suddenly LOVES spending time in his own room. He can't wait to go to his 'broom', tumble around with all those pillows on his 'bet' and pretend to go 'night-night'. Forget about the nursery looking neat and tidy now, he loves messing it all up and is a little annoyed when we reorganize.

When I pass that empty crib in the hallway, I smile. I smile at the thought that even as a baby my son had his own unique preferences. I smile knowing he is his own little person and we as parents cannot dictate or control his likes and dislikes. Most of all, I smile because he truly enjoys and loves the room we have set up for him and the home we have created for our little family.

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