Monday, February 25, 2008

To EC or Not To EC

We first heard about it from Aimee, our cousin. Her months old baby was already trained!!! Elimination Communication sounds wonderful, but it seems a little too difficult during winter time. As we live in the South, we have had our 14 month old son run around diaper free a few times outdoors when the weather allowed. But, I cringe at the thought of having him do the same indoors. So perhaps the simplest way for us to start EC on cold days has been to have an open door policy for toilet rituals.

Yesterday, he grunted when he entered his own bathroom so my husband took his cue, took his diaper off and placed him on the potty. He sat there happily making sounds, reading and talking. He didn't exactly eliminate, but said 'down' when he was done sitting there. We took him down, dressed him and walked out of the bathroom. The little guy walked right back to the toilet and flushed it!

WOW. Unschooling does work! And VERY VERY part-time EC is working too!

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