Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Our Conversations

Among other more tangible words, my son loves to say 'bye bye', 'wow' and 'uh-oh' at appropriate times. But it's only been recently that he is able to express himself with intelligible words other than 'uh uh uh' or other babbling baby jargon.

Today we bought him a toy truck and he was screaming for it as I strapped him into the car seat, as any 14 month old would do I guess. He pinched my cheeks - a sign of desperation that he really wanted his truck. I did not give in and instead tried to calmly talk with him.

Me: Say please, may I have my truck.

Son, with puppy dog eyes: Ah Tee (which means thank you - he doesn't know how to say please yet).

Me: Ok then. Here it is (handing him the truck).

Son, smiling: Ah Tee. Oht (which means truck). Whee (which means wheel). Happy.

As we enter our garage, son says with a smile: Home.

My heart smiles! Every stage of motherhood gets better and better!

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