Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Homeschooling A 1 Year Old?

Is there such a thing? We believe we are doing it by loving him, interacting with him, bringing him around and showing him around the world. When he is ready for milestones, we are here to support and encourage him.

Our 'Curriculum'

- love being together!!!!
- meal times
- bath times
- being outdoors together and watching nature
- being together running errands
- being with our son when he wants to walk, climb, stand
- making our home child-proof and safe for exploration
- lots of reading: My First I Can Read Books, Eric Carle Books, Bob Books are favourites in our house
- activities from Slow and Steady Get Me Ready when our son's willing
- trips to the zoo: the aquarium is a hit!
- our weekly playgroup with a mixed aged group
- lots of singing, dancing, listening to music and Music Together (At The Top Of Their Lungs article)
- exposure to different languages through books and CDs
- we LOVE our homemade 'toys and games': our word and picture books, our colour boxes, texture panels, smelling boxes, blankets, pillows, anything we can do with objects around the house, i.e. clothespins, balls, lids, caps, pots, pans, various containers, etc.

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  1. Hi!
    This has been really useful for me. I was beginning to think I was mad to even consider trying to begin to home educate my 14 month old.
    Thank you x x