Friday, December 01, 2006

Poops He Did It Again


Thanks to my friend Saydi we learned how to make our own baby wipes and we love them!!! Easy to do, so much cheaper, and much better than the commercial brands. We only used baby wipes after poops. Our midwife suggested that there really is no need for baby wipes after baby pees as the skin just gets agitated and may develop a rash. We followed her advice and our son never developed a diaper rash.

Take a roll of paper towels and cut them in half with a serrated knife - so you have 2 rolls. In our house, this is my husband's job, as it requires quite a bit of strength and time. Take the brown cardboard out, keeping the rolls in tact. Get a container big enough for the roll and add to it a mixture of:
2 cups boiling water
1 tablespoon of baby bath
1 1/2 tablespoon of baby oil
Then add 1 roll into the container. Shut it and turn it over, so that the paper towel is moistened by the mixture. The container will pop - so don't get scared.

How to use it? Take a piece 1 at a time from the centre - or unravel from the outside in, as you wish. It is good for 3 weeks. I also keep a roll in the car when we travel. Variation: keep the liquid above in a spray bottle and use with cloth towels that you get with cloth diapers below .
If you want to use cloth diapers – Fuzzi Bunz are the best! They are soft on baby's skin and our son has never developed a diaper rash while using it. These cloth diapers are easy to wash and colours do not bleed with hot water. You can also buy Kushies liners that are biodegradable – so when baby poops, you don’t have to touch a thing. These liners can go straight into the loo or in the rubbish. Granted some poop will get on to the cloth, most will be caught on the paper. As for any kind of leakages, we can count with our fingers how many times pee or poop have escaped out of our Fuzzi Bunz.
I've just learned of Bum Genius - a one-size fits all diaper that has won the iParenting Media Award. Something new to try!

How to wash Cloth Diapers? Soiled diapers go into a pail with soapy water or oxyclean solution to soak. Peed on diapers go directly into the wash. Easy peasy. In the beginning, we bought 22 small cloth diapers, which lasted about 2 days – our son has used them since he was a few days old (you want to use disposables for the first few days because meconium sticks like tar!!!). Now a year old and wearing the large size, 22 diapers can last us 3 days or more. Yes - that's right, we never did laundry everyday for our baby. We always waited for a fuller load.
A study was done linking lung cancer to disposable diapers because of the gases emitted when a diaper is saturated. That said, sometimes you do need to use disposables when traveling or at night for heavy bed wetters. For these instances, Seventh Generation Diapers are great. They don't have the same awful smell as other disposables have and are just as absorbent. The big plus is they are chlorine free - which means less pollution for baby and the environment.
Want 'greener' Cloth Diapers - buy and resell used cloth diapers here

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