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Homeschool Resources

The Greek word for school skhole originally meant leisure.
The Latin word skola evolved to mean leisure devoted to learning or intellectual argument.

So you're interested in Homeschooling? Start with these books:

Dumbing Us Down
Home Learning Year by Year
Homeschooling Book of Answers: The 101 Most Important Questions Answered By Homeschooling's Most Respected Voices
Homeschooling for Success: How Parents Can Create Superior Education For Their Child
Homeschooling: Take A Deep Breath - You Can Do This!
Miseducation: Preschoolers at Risk
Multiple Intelligences
So You're Thinking About Homeschooling
The Parents' and Teachers' Guide to Helping Young Children Learn: Creative Ideas from 35 Respected Experts by Betty Farber, M.Ed. - a super book with an extensive list of resources for parents and for kids, I must have dogeared the whole book!
Look at other articles under Homeschooling in our margins too.

Activities on or from the Web:

A to Z Kids Stuff - toddler, preschool and school age activites and fun, great resource too
Activity Village - we loved the free money printables for games
Apples 4 The Teacher - with lots of interactive activities
Baby BumbleBee - award wining teaching tools
Builder Books
Chinese Language - some beginner activities from Hong Kong International School, a good English-Chinese-English dictionary
Enchanted Learning - for a fee, you can print out lots of books, also in foreign languages
EPA's educational resource - US Environment Protection Agency
Exploratorium Museum, San Francisco - links for science, art and other educational sites
Faber-Castell's Creativity for Kids
Family Play - ok sponsored by Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Products, but contain activities developed for kids to boost positive thinking and overcome failure
Fun Books
Gryphon House - lots of free ideas for activities
HowToons - a combination of how-to and cartoons to teach science
InnovativeKids - fun way to learn through reading
Kids Gardening and National Gardening Association
Kid Link - 10 - 15 year olds engage in dialogue
Kids Off The Couch - They say: Think of KOTC as your personal lens on your hometown: we preview movies and scour cultural offerings each week to filter out the best for your family.
Kids Space - features art and stories from kids around the world
Learning Things
Music Instruments - from music123
Muzzy - BBC's Language For Children
Seussville - Dr. Seuss' activities
Shirley's Preschool Activities - lots of free printables too
Stuff That Works! - City College of New York, teaching kids engineering
The Great Plant Escape - an introduction to plant science
The Greens
The Idea Box
The Traveler IQ Challenge - test your geography
Yahoo Kids
UC Berkeley - courses on the web for older kids
Zoo Books

Curriculum/Teacher's Resource:

Clonlara School
Children Designing and Engineering - unit studies for a class of 24 students for grades K -5
Core Knowledge - by E. D. Hirsch Jr, author of "What Your _th Grader Needs To Know" series
Discovery Channel
Engineering is Elementary - Museum of Science, Boston
Enki Education
GW School Supply
Gryphon Books - great set of books for Toddler and Early Childhood curricula/ideas
Homeschool Association of California - Resources
The Homeschooler's Curriculum Swap
The Joy School - preschool curriculum teaching kids JOY
Kid's Connection
Lakeshore Learning Materials
Montessori - The Joyful Child and Child of the World
Nasco Homeschool Catalog - links to many websites
NY Times Parent's Guide to the Best Books for Children - nice list of books for Babies, Toddlers and all the way to Young Adults
Oak Meadow, Inc - Preschool to High school
SchoolTube - download videos made by kids to teach your kids
Stuff That Works! - City College of New York, teaching kids engineering
TeacherTube - videos made by teachers you can download and watch to teach your kids
The Creative Learning Exchange - The Creative Learning Exchange encourages an active, learner-centered process of discovery in K-12 education that challenges preconceptions, deepens conceptual understanding, and engages in meaningful, real world problem solving through the mastery of systems thinking and system dynamics modeling.
Toddler and Preschool Curricula - compare them
Universal Preschool - a great website with things to do with your kids, as well as articles against institutionalised preschool
Waldorf Education
Waldorf Homeschooling

Everything about Homeschooling on the Web:

A to Z Home's Cool
American Homeschool Association
Deschooling Our Lives - great for resource list too
Eclectic Homeschool
Growing Child
Home Education Magazine - the best according to Forbes Magazine
Jon's Homeschool Resources - not the best looking site, but one of the most comprehensive
Learn In Freedom
National Home Education Research Institute
South Carolina Department of Education Academic Standards

Local Resources: guided tours, farms, anyone else who wants to share their vocation

Blue Ocean Charter Academy - homeschool and charter school in one!
Calvert School - another homeschool and charter school in one.
Columbia Marionette Theatre - third Monday of each month is dedicated to homeschoolers!
Columbia Museum of Art - Wee Wednesdays, Big Hands Little Hands and One Room Schoolhouse, the latter especially for homeschoolers. One Room Schoolhouse takes place in the mornings on the second Friday of each month, and in the afternoons on the third Friday of each month, September through May.
EdVenture Children's Museum - Thursdays 2-4pm are specially for homeschoolers
K12 Curriculum on South Carolina Virtual Charter School - yet another homeschool charter school
Music Together
Reach - Resources, Encouragement and Activities Group
Richland County Public Library - storytime for all ages and lots of events during the week and weekend. WE LOVE our library!!! And it's all free!
Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden - you can even watch the animals from your computer at home through ZooView! And it's Homeschool Mondays at the zoo. We love their programmes.
School's Out Support Accountability Group
South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools
State Museum's Curriculum Standards for K-12
USC - free music recitals, Green lectures at the Green Quad

Records Maintenance:

Homeschool Tracker - you can download the basic programme for free
Planner Sheets - you can print these for free
Unschooling Websites:

Family Unschoolers Network - an article about the positive effects of homeschooling from City Journal, Summer 2000
Growing Without Schooling - John Holt
Joyfully Rejoicing - Joyce Fetteroll's website
Radical Unschooling - Sandra Dodd's website
An Unschooling Life


An A For Home Schooling

One Hour A Day Schooling and 4 children attended Stanford?
Reading, Writing and Engineering - an Emphasis on Engineering in Grade School, WSJ
The Ten Things Every Child Needs For The Best Start In Life - too lazy to read? For 0-3 years old babies, watch this video instead.

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