Saturday, October 20, 2007

Homeschool: A Choice

What is the point of education? Is it to socialize young people so they can fit into the fabric of society? Is it to train a workforce? Is it to introduce young people to the greater possibilities that life has to offer?
These are all legitimate and, therefore, correct answers. But they leave out the most profound purpose that education might have: helping young people learn how to create the lives they truly want to create.
- Peter Senge, from Schools That Learn -

When a friend, Dana, asked what I would do about our son's education, I did not know how to answer. She brought up homeschooling, which was unfamiliar to me. She said the homeschoolers she knew impressed her and she would probably homeschool her own children. On the evening news that same week, a story ran about an 11 year old attending college and how this is common in his homeschooled family. Thus began our interest in homeschooling. After extensive research, we decided to homeschool.

Our School

Our school was established in October 2007, when our son was only 11 months old. Teaching started when he was born.

Our Philosophy

Home – We believe that our family comes first before all else and we aim to continue to develop our strong and close relationships with each other. We strive to achieve a loving, happy, democratic, respectful, supportive, caring and nurturing environment for each other. Being content alone and together is very important to us.

School – We believe we are absolutely responsible for the education of our family and therefore accept wholeheartedly a proactive and interactive approach to teaching and to learning. By being 100% involved with our son’s education, we are able to create for him a flexible education program that can include real experiences and promote open-mindedness, originality, independent thinking and the love for learning. We will be able to challenge him in a nurturing environment, which allows for healthy growth mentally, emotionally and physically. We aim to develop a whole and happy child through the experiences, the enlightening, the knowledge, the skill, the character and the relationships he is able to have outside of an institutionalized education. It is our privilege to homeschool. We feel fortunate we are able to take on this responsibility.

Our Homeschool Experience

Our cardinal goal is for our son to be happy, confident and whole. He will have time to play and be a child. He will also be encouraged to pursue his passion in life. We will aim to have a home school that is based on self-motivation, perseverance, self-reliance, courage, dignity, joy and love.

We will emphasize the Charlotte Mason method of education. We will encourage an environment that is flexible, spontaneous, appropriately stressed, joyful and challenging. Our homeschool will include:

- self-teaching: asking why and discovering the reasons

- exploration and discovery

- child-like curiosity

- field trips and hands-on experience

- diversity, internationality and immersion in different cultures

- world religion, history, culture, food

- sports and nutrition

- character building

- community building

- fundamentals

- exposure to many subjects and the mastery of those the child is interested in

We do not plan to give grades, however, evaluations and comprehension progress will be made as needed.

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