Friday, June 01, 2007

Things We Wish Someone Told Us and Things We Figured Out

1. Newborns grunt like old men! Be prepared for those funny sounds… they don’t start cooing until they are a few weeks old.
2. The crying… It gets much easier! The 6th week is really the fussiest time (much due to parents and baby learning each other’s ways and language) and there really isn’t much of a schedule until then. And swaddling may or may not help!!!
3. A Baby Swing is very handy – for days when even your arms won’t soothe baby!!!
4. A Baby Chair or Rocker is also very handy – for days when you actually have time to shower and don’t have another person around to share in watching your bundle of joy.
5. They tell you babies grow so fast – but it never really means anything until you have your own. The first week alone, babies change on a daily basis… if you’re the sentimental types – TAKE LOTS and LOTS of photos and videos!!
6. When a baby cries – it may just mean – I’m tired, please stop playing with me and put me to bed!!!
7. Baby Bjorns are great, but we loved the Ultimate Parenting carrier. The Mobys, Mei Tais and Ergos are supposedly also favourites. But, we loved the UPC... We went traveling for more than 24 hours (from plane to airport to yet another plane) - our 6 month old son loved it and the journey was rather pleasant and easy. As our son got heavier, we decided to get the Beco Baby - they say it can carry up to 45 pounds. We have traveled 30 hours in comfort with it and loved being able to go stroller-free! My son loves it so much, we have ditched the stroller! Check out this lovely slide show of ethnic carriers.
8. Onesies are great before baby start to crawl everywhere! The kimono Ts and other t shirts look easier to put on, but they ride up the body when you carry a newborn baby… onesies are our favourite and they help capture little leaks here and there! As your baby starts wriggling and crawling everywhere - then onesies may be harder to put on.
9. Nursing bras – mother couldn't stand them. Mother loved the nursing camisoles from Target though. Don’t forget to support!!!
10. We love our monitor: Sony Babycall NTM-910 – although some prefer the ones with the video, we love this one. It has such a great range.
11. Our son loved his daily massages till he was 6 or 7 months old!!!
12. Triphala when breastfeeding, helps mother absorb more nutrients from food, and therefore allows more nutrients to go to her baby. It's an Ayurvedic spice blend - you can get it from Banyan Botanicals.
13. We never realized that there were strollers that incline into mini-cribs. We wish we had one earlier on! Also maybe one where the baby can sit up higher, so baby can see us at a table without using a high chair. A friend recommended this to us, but we never took her advise… now we wish we had.
14. And thanks to cousin Alison, we discovered: Bumbo chair when baby begins to sit up, Chicco chair so you have your own traveling high chair.
15. Our son has baby ezcema so we had to look for solutions. Research well before you buy baby cosmetics. After using various products, we found California Baby and Lavera to be the most effective in relieving and curing the driest skin.
16. Very very generous cousins, like Maggie, James and Ami, who share lots of important tips (i.e. Baby Bargains book), articles and toys!!!
17. Grandparents go goo-goo ga-ga and love spoiling their greatgrandchildren…

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